Possible Root Causes of Histamine Intolerance

In the Histamine intolerance 101 episode on the Are You Menstrual? Podcast we go through the 4 major root causes of histamine intolerance:
-nutrient deficiencies
-hormone imbalances
-poor gut health
-certain medications

Let’s zoom in on nutrient deficiencies! Low levels of certain nutrients like copper, Vitamins A, B6, and C can lead to histamine build up along with excess or deficient levels of iron. Iodine also plays a crucial role in histamine regulation.

Bioavailable copper (when copper is activated by vitamin A and turns into Ceruloplasmin) is what activates the DAO enzyme. That means that if we have low copper or vitamin A levels and cannot produce enough Ceruloplasmin, we won’t be able to activate the DAO enzyme properly.

We can’t talk about copper without mentioning iron. Iron promotes histamine production by increasing hydrogen peroxide in the body. More H202 = more copper used up.

Excess iron can also impact estrogen, which can increase histamines as well (more on that in the episode and a future post). If you have low copper and excess iron, that can be a recipe for histamine intolerance. Studies using iron binders have also shown an increase in histamine from mast cells. Supporting iron levels is a delicate balance and will be different for each individual.

Iodine is another interesting one that impacts histamines in a few ways. Iodine helps to decrease histamine production. Iodine inhibits the conversion of histidine (an amino acid) to histamine.

When iodine levels are sufficient, it helps to keep histamine in check. When we become deficient, we can see an excess of histamine.

Finally, we need adequate iodine in order to make enough thyroid hormone for a healthy metabolism and healthy hormones. Excess estrogen can contribute to histamine build up as well.

Scroll the image above for foods to support these nutrients!

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