one-on-one coaching

An expert guide by your side

Want a wellness coach that gets you? Who treats you like an individual, so you can get the treatment that works for you? that's us.

an intention to serve

if you're anything like every. single. one. of the women we've already helped in our 1-on-1 coaching program, you too have probably been to COUNTLESS doctors and haven't gotten the support or answers you need.




Autoimmune disease

You might be struggling with one of these common symptoms, but haven't found a practitioner who will understand what's going on inside your body, help you find answers, and help you heal.

Blending science with support, our 1:1 coaching is here to give you all the answers you need, as well as the confidence to look after yourself long after the sessions have ended.

We want this to be your first and last stop, because we truly care about helping women find their own freedom.

all the goodness of our master your minerals course...

with the reassurance of experts by your side every step of the way.

What to expect from our experts

Hello, I’m erin, your nutrition clinician.

Over the next 3-6 months, I'll be your cheerleader, challenger, and wellness chum; the avocado to your toast; the matcha to your latte. Together, we'll work to understand the root cause(s) of your health concerns, create a tailored plan to improve your health, and boost your happiness!

I am honored and humbled to work with everyone who crosses my path; I can’t wait to help you! I am passionate about meeting people where they are on their healing journeys, because I believe that health looks different for each woman.

I pursued nutrition because I love food, and I wanted to understand the science behind how food works for us. I believe in embracing a mindset of abundance in all areas: health, food, and joy.

Hi! I'm Ava, your holistic registered dietitian.

I intimately understand the frustration of feeling let down by your own body—my passion for integrative nutrition and wellness stemmed from a need for my own deeper healing when conventional methods weren’t working for me.

Now, after physically, mentally, and spiritually healing many of the health issues I have dealt with and obtaining several degrees and certificates in clinical nutrition from UC Berkeley, NYU, and Cornell University, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to support you on your healing journey.

My loving approach to health considers the complexities and bio-individuality of each human being by blending science with intuition and intention to help you thrive as your healthiest, happiest self.
My mission is to use my extensive educational foundation and personal experiences to help you uncover your greatest potential for true health & well-being—which looks different for all of us. I can’t wait to support you on your path to thriving!

how will we do it? together, of course.

First, we'll assess.

We'll send you a few forms for you to fill in, so we can get familiar with your health.


From your 3-day food diary to any previous lab tests, your details will give us a picture of where you’re at, so we can make the best recommendations.

Once the paperwork is out the way, it’s time for the 90-minute review session. Our Clinical Nutritionist, Erin, or our Holistic Registered Dietitian, Ava, will ask you questions about your health history, and use the information on your forms to better understand what’s brought you here. She’ll then create a plan of action that’s personalized to you, with only the interventions you need. Our Head Dietician Amanda will also get eyes on the plan for that extra peace of mind.

No fluff, filler or wasted time—just what works. After that, you’ll get sent a summary of findings and next steps.


It’s here we’ll carry out a HTMA (hair test mineral analysis), and any other tests we recommend based on your consultation.

Why hair? The HTMA is the most accurate way to understand your mineral levels, and mineral imbalances are commonly the root cause of many health issues. These small but mighty elements are responsible for kick-starting reactions in our body, and are major players in our hormone production.

Next, we'll test.

It's time for labs. And no, not cute fluffy dogs, sadly, but the next best thing.

we'll take Action.

Once the results are in, it’s time for us to write your custom plan for healing.


This is a collaborative process, because we want you to own and enjoy your healing journey. We’ll be there for the ride, connecting on a call  twice a month and checking in each week via your reflection form. You’ll even have unlimited access to our messaging platform, where you can ask us any questions as they come up at any time.

We’ll work closely together over 3-6 months, and when it’s time to say goodbye, we’ll show you how to keep it up on your own. We’re the last 1:1 you’ll need!

let's break it down

What's included in our 1:1 Coaching...

  • either 3-month or 6-month coaching (package details)
  • Initial Consultation
  • 90-minute lab test review
  • Protocol with supplement recommendations and a report of findings
  • 20% discount on supplements
  • Two 30 minute follow-up calls each month
  • Unlimited messaging access
  • 1 HTMA test included for retest purposes
  • The option to buy additional labs and have them reviewed
  • Offboarding consultation with recommendations for next steps maintenance

Frequently asked questions

What they say…

I had no idea why my ovulation was so delayed and inconsistent. Since signing up for 1:1, the team has helped me discover my mineral deficiencies and replenish them, which has not only improved my sleep, but led to me falling pregnant!


Just do it! I’m seeing so many improvements to my gut health already, and with the guidance of the team I now have a food plan and mealtime consistency to keep me on track.


The team is extremely knowledgeable and relatable, and Erin showed genuine interest in listening to my back story. Everything was always explained so clearly, and I now have the confidence to know what works for my body. I’ve already seen so many improvements to my skin, and my bloating has reduced too. I’m looking forward to seeing more and more improvements each day