S1 E28: Body Image & Food Fear While Healing with Fallon

S1 E20: Getting to the Root Cause of Acne with Robyn Johnson, RD

s3 e13: cholesterol and your hormones

In this episode, I am doing a deep dive on cholesterol and the many different things it does in the body as well as how it impacts our hormones. I’ll also be covering how certain minerals can impact cholesterol and go through some things to consider when looking at your cholesterol lab test results.  This […]

s3 e12: postpartum fitness with lindsey cantu of birthfit

In this episode, we are focusing on postpartum exercise with Dr. Lindsey Mathews Cantu. Lindsey is committed to supporting women in the various seasons of their lives. She started BIRTHFIT in 2013 with a deep belief that movement can be the bridge to cultivate our own intuition and a trust in our bodies. Lindsey is […]

s3 e11: All about the copper iud

In this episode, I am breaking down how the copper IUD works and how it impacts different aspects of our health. When I posted a question box for this episode in my stories a couple weeks back I got a lot of questions about how the copper IUD can impact the thyroid, hormones, if it […]

s3 e10: copper deep dive

I have another deep dive episode for you! In this episode, we are focusing on copper. I have a podcast episode that I did in season one that’s all about the connection between copper and iron, but copper deserves its own episode. I will also do a separate deep dive on iron in season 4 […]

s3 e9: Happy homebirth with katelyn fusco

In this episode, I am talking with Katelyn Fusco of the Happy Homebirth Podcast to answer your questions about homebirth! Katelyn is a homebirth mother, a childbirth educator, and an experienced homebirth attendant. She has seen birth from many angles (literally), and knows the impact this transformative event can have on you, your baby and […]

s3 e8: recovering from miscarriage with meg langston

In this episode, we are covering the important but challenging topic of recovering from miscarriage with my colleage Meg Langston. Meg is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, Root Cause Protocol Consultant and Restorative Wellness Practitioner. She works with women to help restore their metabolic health in order to have healthy hormones, thyroid and digestive system. She […]

s3 e7: benefits of infant massage with Elina from Get Kahlmi

In this episode we are talking with Elina Furman. Elina is a Certified Infant Massage Instructor with over 15 years in the baby products industry. She is deeply passionate about spreading awareness about the importance of infant/child massage and earned her infant massage certification after talking to many parents who were confused and bewildered about […]

s3 e6: histamine intolerance 101

In this episode, I am breaking down a popular topic in the wellness world: histamines! I get a lot of questions about histamine intolerance and if people should cut out x, y, z foods. As usual, I don’t recommend going straight to cutting out foods. Can that help in the short term with symptoms? Yes, […]

s3 e5: gallbladder health & your hormones with olivia haas

In this episode, we are focusing on the gallbladder and how not only can it impact your hormones but how hormonal changes can impact your gallbladder function as well. I have Olivia Haas also known as the Gallbladder Nutritionist on Instagram with me today to dive deep into this topic. Olivia is a board certified […]

s3 e4: nothing boring about boron

In this episode, I am doing a mineral deep dive on boron. A lot of people are familiar with boron because of its positive impact on bone health and vitamin D, but it actually has a pretty big impact on our hormones and inflammation too. I hope you enjoy this format. Please share this episode […]

s3 e3: breastfeeding with therese dansby

In this episode we are focusing on all things related to breastfeeding and what new moms can expect in the fourth trimester with registered nurse and IBCLC, Therese Dansby. Therese received her Bachelor’s Degree in Science and became a Registered Nurse in 2007. She was a Neonatal Intensive Care (NICU) nurse for the first 8 […]

s3 e2: Our fourth trimester experience

In this episode, I am sharing my experience during the first fourth trimester, answering your questions, and sharing tips on how to nourish your body during a stressful but beautiful time. I hope you enjoy it! Links/Resources:• Free Training: Optimizing Hormone Health with Mineral Balance • Mineral Imbalance Quiz • Dog IG • Kahlmi Infant Massage Tool • Kahlmi IG • […]

s3 e1: Our Birth Story

In this episode, I am joined by my husband to share our daughter’s birth story. I posted a question box in my Instagram stories a while back, so we will be covering a lot of topics from what we did for labor prep, how I managed pain, lots of questions on homebirth, and the birth […]

s2 e18: iodine: the miracle mineral

In this highly requested episode of the Are You Menstrual? Podcast, I am going into more detail on an important mineral–iodine. Many of you have been wanting to better understand the importance of iodine for thyroid health after I shared my experience with supplementing on my Pregnancy Journey episode. Iodine is one fascinating mineral. It’s […]

s2 e17: Holistic dentistry with dr. kelly blodgett

I have a special episode of the podcast this week. I’m sharing an interview I did on holistic dentistry inside the Hormone Healing Membership* with Dr. Kelly Blodgett.  Dr. Blodgett is a native Oregonian who attended grade school through high school in Southwest Portland. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of […]

s2 e16: strength training for happy hormones with adina rubin

In this episode, we are focusing on strength training and how it can help support healthy hormones. I’m joined by my friend and colleague, Adina Rubin. Adina is a Strength Coach and Nutritional Therapy Practitioner that specializes in helping women gain energy and get strong.   After driving herself into the ground with years of […]