Master your minerals.

Harmonize your hormones.

They may be small, but these mighty elements have a big impact on your body.

Why minerals matter

Mood swings got you snapping at someone for just breathing? Spots popping up everywhere?

Yes, unbalanced hormones could be the culprit, But maybe cut them a little slack—Because when our minerals are out of whack, our body isn’t at its best.

Minerals are what make your body perform properly. Without minerals, the reactions responsible for hormone production, thyroid health, detoxification, digestion, and more can’t, well, react.

So instead, they have to rely on other nutrients, pushing the body to the brink. Boo.

End it (period), with Master Your Minerals.

Now that you Know Minerals are the Solution,

It’s Time to Get Them Sorted.

And the best bit? It’s all in your hands (or hair).



Your health is in your hands...and hair.

Find the root of your issues with hair testing, the most helpful and low-cost way to understand mineral levels.



Use your results to dig into your deficiencies and imbalances, then learn how to interpret them once with our easy-to-follow lessons.



Once you’ve interpreted them, it’s time to build a plan based on science. Choose from our recommendations, recipes and therapeutic techniques.


First, we test your hair with an HTMA.

While hormone testing tells us what our hormone levels are, it’s mineral testing that tell us the why. And when we know the why, we can get to work.


We use hair testing over bloodwork because it shows us what’s going on inside the cell. Hair testing also tells us what’s been happening over the course of three months, while bloodwork just gives us a snapshot of the time we tested.

Basically, hair testing examines our minerals with a fine tooth comb.

It can be a little tricky to interpret the results. But that’s a good thing. It means we’re getting a full picture of what’s going on in your body, so we can better treat it. We’ll teach you how to read your data with easy-to-follow training.

Understand how your adrenals (the glands that produce stress hormones and look after major functions in the body) are performing, the level of your minerals like copper and potassium, and what they actually mean.


With Master your Minerals, you’ll learn which food and supplements to add to your diet (and which to avoid!).

  • We’ll take a load off your plate and show you how to…

  • Dish up nutrient-dense meals

  • Whip up smoothies

  • Make your own broth and gummies

  • Create your own supplements

You’ll also get recommendations for specific health concerns like thyroid, endometriosis, PCOS, pregnancy, reflux, histamine intolerance, and more.

And because we believe that restoring your health is also about your mental as well as physical health, our course also contains a tapping video from EFT expert Theresa Piela to help you self-soothe and look after your mind.


Next, we access with a custom protocol.

So now we know the root of the reason for your issues, it’s time to treat them. This is where we’ll help you build your protocol.


we transform.

Restoring your health is not a race. We’ll help you pace your protocol, so you keep up the momentum.


Have nutrition experts by your side every step of the way with our monthly Q&A events, exclusive to course members.

You can also use all that you’ve learned to help your close family too, and get access to hair testing kits through your account.

meet amanda

Hello, I’m Amanda! I’m a Registered Dietitian, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and founder of Hormone Healing RD (phew!).

And I understand how you’re feeling, because I was there too. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Trips to the gynecologist, fanatical fitness routines and endless online scrolling, only to be no nearer to finding the answers for my painful period and acne.

So I went back to basics with biochemistry, and it changed my life.

And I want to change yours. Learn it all in the Master Your Minerals course.

I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

Join Master Your Minerals

Everything you’d learn from a private practice, made accessible to everyone.

even the experts agree—
the results speak for themselves

“Whether you're looking for help understanding your own HTMA or want to better utilize HTMA testing in your practice, Master Your Minerals is such an incredible resource for nutrition practitioners. In addition to expert explanations for all components of the HTMA test, Amanda does an exceptional job at taking a food-first philosophy for optimizing mineral status. Compared to other HTMA trainings, I really appreciate the focus on the power of food and lifestyle interventions, rather than supplementation alone.”

2250+ women

The Master Your Minerals course has helped 2250+ women just like you, feel more like them.

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Frequently asked questions

What’s Inside Master Your Minerals:

Over 35 easily-digestible video lessons (no pun intended!)

Section 1: Welcome

  • Welcome to the Master Your Minerals course!

  • Meet Your Instructor: Amanda

  • Frequently Asked Questions

  • Download the Kajabi app!

  • Join Fullscript For Professional Grade Supplements

  • Master Resource Bucket

  • Legal Stuff

  • Looking For More Support?

  • Completing your hair test

    • How To Complete Your Hair Mineral Test

    • Assessing Your Water Hardness

    • Completing & Sending In A Hair Test From New York

    • Ordering More Hair Tests for Yourself & Family Members

Section 2: Start here (with or without your HTMA results)

  • Getting Curious & Taking Ownership Of Your Health

  • A Day In The Life Reflection

  • Incorporating The Body Scan

  • Nutrition for Hormone Health Basics

    • Assessing Your Nutrition Requirements

    • Get Help With Knowing How Much To Eat

    • Mindful Macros

    • Get Help With Your Macros

    • Meal Frequency: How Often Should You Eat?

    • Food & Mood Journal

  • Supporting Minerals Through Nutrition

    • Nutrient Dense Foods

    • Crafting A Nourishing Day Of Eating

    • Utilizing Mineral Rich Smoothies

    • How To Make Mineral Rich Bone Broth

    • How To Make Gummies

Section 3: Introduction to Minerals & Metabolism

  • Minerals 101

  • Why We Use Hair Mineral Testing

  • Metabolism 101

Section 4: Understanding Your Hair Mineral Test

  • Master Your Minerals Road Map (MOST IMPORTANT LESSON)

    • Using The Master Your Minerals Road Map

    • Low Minerals Fast Metabolic Type Example Walk Through

    • High Minerals Slow Metabolic Type Example Walk Through

  • Metabolic Types, Macro Minerals & Mineral Ratios

  • Copper & Iron Balance

    • The Story Between Copper & Iron--A Complex Relationship

    • Copper: The Life Giving Mineral

    • Assessing Iron Status

    • Iron

  • Supporting Minerals & Heavy Metals

    • Zinc

    • Analyzing Supporting Minerals

    • Interpreting Heavy Metals

    • Understanding Toxic Ratios

Section 5: Building Your Protocol

  • Supplements To Reassess

    • The Nuances of Vitamin D

    • Common Supplements To Reconsider For Balanced Minerals

  • Phase 1: Simple Starts

    • Phase 1: Simple Starts To Support Adrenals

    • Adrenal Cocktail

    • High vs. Low Sodium

    • High vs. Low Potassium

  • Phase 2: Nature's Multivitamin & Results Specific Starts

    • Phase 2: Nature's Multivitamin & Results Specific Starts

    • How To Make Your Own Beef Liver Supplement

    • How To Make Your Own Magnesium Supplement

    • High Calcium

    • Low Calcium

    • High vs. Low Magnesium

    • High Copper

    • Low Copper

    • High vs. Low Zinc

    • High Iron

    • High or Low Cobalt

  • Phase 3: Liver & Detox Support

    • Phase 3: Liver Support

    • Liver Elixir

    • Everything You Need To Know About Castor Oil Packs

  • Protocol Templates, Resources, & Pacing Your Protocol

    • Titrating Your Supplements & How To Handle Symptoms

    • Example Protocol Templates & Supplement Resources

Section 6: Where To Go From Here

  • Where To Go From Here

  • Retesting & Assessing Your Progress

  • Understanding Your Retest

  • How To Choose Additional Lab Testing

Section 7: What To Expect On Your Healing Journey

  • What To Expect On Your Healing Journey

  • Metabolic Monitoring

    • Optimizing Water Quality

      • Examining the Quality of Your Water

      • Benefits of a Water Filter & How To Choose One

    • Nervous System Support

      • Tapping with T: Trusting The Healing Process

      • Tapping with T: Releasing Stress, Anxiety, & Overwhelm

      • Tapping for Postpartum Support

      • Tapping for TTC

Section 8: Recommendations for Specific Health Concerns

  • Endometriosis

  • Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)

  • Pregnancy

  • Reducing PMS & Period Pain With Luteal Phase Support

  • Menopause

  • Understanding Acid Reflux

  • Reducing & Reversing Hair Loss

    • Thyroid Health

      • Nutrition Considerations for Thyroid Health

      • How To Monitor Thyroid Health

      • Utilizing Iodine Supplementation

      • Iodine Protocol FAQ & Tips

      • Is Iodine A Good Fit For Me?

    • Histamines

      • How Histamines Work In The Body

      • Getting To The Root Of Histamine Issues

    • Hormonally Conscious Fat Loss

      • Part 1: How To Lose Fat Without Wrecking Your Hormones

      • Part 2: Beginning Your Fat Loss Journey

      • Part 3: Assessing Fat Loss & Signs Your Body Needs A Break

    • Case Studies

    • Monthly Q&A’s

    • Leave us some love!


  • Staple recipe guide and meal plan that includes recipes and shows you how to craft nutrient dense meals

  • Over 25 handouts, including how to make your own bone broth, gummies, beef liver supplement, and magnesium supplement

  • PDFs of all video presentations

  • BONUS: Monthly live Q&A

  • BONUS: 7+ mineral-dense smoothie recipes

  • BONUS: Access to professional grade supplement recommendations