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Our Healing Framework

These are areas we focus on with each client and adjust depending on what is going to move the needle most for the individual.


We believe that the mental aspect of healing cannot be ignored. If you have never pictured yourself well, it’s likely going to be difficult to achieve healing. If we are obsessed with healing and constantly researching and jumping on the next thing, we most likely will not be successful. We start off our 1:1 programs with a mindset exercise on what it looks like to be well. Our clients that commit to this exercise and the mindset part of the healing journey are the ones that see the most success. 


Minerals act like little helpers to carry out important functions in the body, which is why they are a foundational part of healing. We utilize hair mineral testing in order to evaluate mineral status. It also gives us insight into a client’s current stress response, digestion, detoxification, thyroid function, and ability to balance blood sugar.

Circadian Rhythm

Supporting a healthy circadian rhythm means we are supporting our body’s biological clock. This clock controls the timing of all systems in the body, which means it’s crucial for supporting overall health and reducing symptoms in all areas. We support our circadian rhythm through our light exposure and food timing. 

Nourishment & Blood Sugar

Fueling our bodies with nourishing foods that we enjoy is a critical part of healing. Learning how to do it in a way that supports consistent and balanced blood sugar helps to reduce stress on the body and lowers inflammation. 

Stress & Nervous System

The body cannot heal in a chronically stressed state. We find many of our clients have been addicted to stress and running off of stress hormones for years. This leaves their bodies depleted, hormones out of balance, and often leads to struggles with thyroid function, digestion, and energy. We help clients break this pattern by supporting a healthy stress response through food and lifestyle. We also educate on the nervous system and how to utilize daily strategies to support theirs.

Gut & Health/Digestion

Our gut health extends far beyond gut symptoms and can impact our sex hormones, thyroid hormone levels, mood, and more. In order to have a healthy gut, we have to have healthy digestion, which is why we always start here when supporting clients. Depending on the client, we may focus further on optimizing gut bacteria and immune system function.

Functional Testing

Last but not least, we utilize functional lab testing and evaluate blood work in order to better understand what is at the root of specific symptoms and dysfunction within the body. We always utilize hair mineral testing with clients, but the other labs recommended are individualized based on someone’s health history and main concerns.

Our promise

We recognize the courage it takes to pursue change, and we stand by our clients and community, offering support and empowerment. Our commitment is to be a trusted partner, guiding you through transformation with integrity and compassion. Welcome to a journey grounded in trust, dignity, and positive change.

we promise to show up and support you

to the best of our ability every step of this journey.

we promise to respond to you in a timely manner

with thoughtfulness and care. If we do not know something, we will research and reach out to appropriate practitioners to learn more.

We promise to listen

to your comments, questions, and concerns. You will always be seen and heard.

What We Need From Our Clients.

Effort. It takes work from our clients in order to see results. We see the best results when our clients are prepared for our sessions. They show up with questions and have information to share about what they have been working on. They also fill out their weekly reflection forms and integrate the recommendations we make. This process is a team effort and only works if both parties are invested and giving it their all. We promise to show up and support you to the best of our ability every step of the way, and expect the same from our clients.

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