Boron & Your Hormones

Many minerals can have a profound impact on hormone health, but boron not only impacts estrogen and testosterone, but also something called steroid hormone binding globulin or SHBG. SHBG is a protein that binds to sex hormones and carries them through the blood.

SHBG binds to:

SHBG has a greater affinity for male sex hormones (androgens) than female sex hormones.

Research has shown us that supplementing boron can lead to lower SHBG levels and higher levels of hormones like estrogen and testosterone.

Because boron lowers SHBG that means that there is less of the protein to bind to sex hormones like testosterone. There are also many studies on peri and post menopausal women that show boron increases levels of estrogen. Boron supplements also significantly increased testosterone in postmenopausal women. This effect was most dramatic when the women’s diets were low in magnesium.

Boron has also been shown to be important for fertility and preventing birth defects. When it comes to male fertility, animal studies have shown us that adding boron in helped improve sperm count and motility.

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This post is for informational purposes only and is not medical advice. Please talk with your provider to figure out what’s best for you.

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Amanda Montalvo

Amanda Montalvo is a women's health dietitian who helps women find the root cause of hormone imbalances and regain healthy menstrual cycles.

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