Replenish your minerals.

Optimize your hormones.

They may be small, but these mighty elements have a big impact on your body.

Why minerals matter

Mood swings got you snapping at someone for just breathing? Spots popping up everywhere?

Yes, unbalanced hormones could be the culprit, but maybe cut them a little slack—because when our minerals are out of whack, our body isn’t at its best.

Minerals are what make your body perform properly. Without minerals, the reactions responsible for energy & hormone production, thyroid health, detoxification, digestion, and more can’t, well, react.

So instead, those important systems start to slow down and become compromised.

This is when symptoms begin to pop up...

Hormones can naturally fluctuate. But there are things we can do to lessen the effects of them…yes, we don’t just have to suffer!


Hair loss


Period pain


Feeling cold
all the time

Poor appetite


Hot flashes

Muscle cramps



It's time to step away from the Google search bar, stop chasing symptoms, and start building a solid foundation with the Replenish Your Minerals course.

Replenish Your Minerals not only teaches you about nutrition and hydration strategies to support your minerals, but helps you

stop depleting them in the first place.

Inside you will find 6 weeks of education and action steps to help you replenish your minerals and feel your best:

week 1

Week 1 is your introduction to minerals and why they are so important as well as how stress impacts them and you can stop depleting yours.

week 2

Week 2 focuses on mineral rich nutrition and goes through how to incorporate nutrient dense foods with recipes, introduces you to a crucial mineral—potassium, teaches you how to incorporate calcium (even with a dairy intolerance), and has tips for eating seasonally and including organ meats.

week 3

Week 3 breaks down the importance of mineral rich hydration and dispels common myths around how much water we should drink.

week 4

Week 4 teaches you how to balance your blood sugar (even in different seasons of life like pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, etc.) to help improve your mineral status.

week 5

Week 5 digs further into how to support a healthy stress response in the body, which is crucial for replenishing minerals since we use up minerals when the body is constantly under stress.

week 6

Week 6 wraps it all up with tips for supporting healthy digestion and how minerals can impact our digestion to ensure you've covered all of your bases.

This course is designed for you to go through and implement over six weeks, but we know that life happens and sometimes we need to make changes slowly. That's why you will have lifetime access to the content allowing you to revisit and refresh whenever you need to.
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Replenish Your Minerals

  • 6-week online course
  • Full of education and action steps to help you replenish your minerals and feel your best
  • The perfect introduction to our signature course, Master Your Minerals.
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  • 6-week online course (normally $97)
  • Full of education and action steps to help you replenish your minerals and feel your best
  • The perfect introduction to our signature course, master your minerals.
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meet amanda

Hello, I’m Amanda! I’m a Registered Dietitian, Functional Diagnostic Nutrition Practitioner, and founder of Hormone Healing RD (phew!).

And I understand how you’re feeling, because I was there too. But it doesn’t have to be that way for you.

Trips to the gynecologist, fanatical fitness routines and endless online scrolling, only to be no nearer to finding the answers for my painful period and acne.

So I went back to basics with biochemistry, and it changed my life.

And I want to change yours. Learn it all in the Master Your Minerals course.

I’ve done the hard work so you don’t have to!

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