Struggling with period pain?

Just because something is common doesn’t mean that it’s normal. Take period problems, for example. Each month, many women suffer through what they think is a normal part of their cycle, like bloating and other digestive issues, headaches, fatigue, and the excruciating pain that comes with their period.

Other women experience it as well, so they never question whether or not the days or weeks of bothersome symptoms that come right before or with their regular flow are something to question.

I remember the first time I got my period, I threw up from painful cramps and thought that was normal. Now I know that I had a lot of inflammation leading to cramps, which is NOT normal.

Period pain used to be considered purely psychological and a reason for women to get out of their responsibilities. Since it couldn’t be identified by a physical or gynecological exam or tested for, those who suffered were mislabeled and told to deal with it. Just another example of the gender bias in medicine!

When we’re talking about how to prevent period problems, our first area to look at is supporting the metabolism. How do we do this? Through proper nutrition and mineral balance.

Ask yourself:
Am I giving my body enough nutrient-dense food?
Am I supporting my thyroid with ample rest, stress-relieving activities, and quality nourishment?
Am I replenishing my minerals to better respond to the stressors in my life?

For more help on period pain check out my free period starter guide!

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Amanda Montalvo

Amanda Montalvo is a women's health dietitian who helps women find the root cause of hormone imbalances and regain healthy menstrual cycles.

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