Category: Immune Health

Zinc & Gut Health

Zinc impacts our gut health in 3 major ways: 1. Zinc is important for healthy stomach acid production and release. Zinc is highly concentrated in our parietal cells, which secrete stomach acid and intrinsic factor (helps us absorb B12). We use zinc along with other minerals like sodium and potassium to make stomach acid. Zinc […]
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Supporting The Body During A Stressful Time

While there are millions of posts telling you to eat certain foods to boost your immune system, I’m going to recommend focusing on reducing stress. Why? When our minds and bodies are stressed, this down regulates our immune system. This means that reducing stress can actually support your immune system health and function in the […]
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Endometriosis, Gut Health & Immune System

Diseases like diabetes get over $1 billion a year in funding, while endometriosis costs just as much to manage, but we have an underwhelming amount of scientific research. That doesn’t even account for the long term cost, which needs to be studied further as a chronic condition. Currently, 11% of women have endometriosis; more diagnoses […]
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