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Host, Amanda, a women’s health dietitian, helps you navigate the confusing world of women’s hormones and teach you how to have healthy periods. Each week will be diving into a different topic on women’s health and sharing our perspective using nutrition, female physiology, and metabolic health. The goal is to help you wade through conflicting health information and empower you on your healing journey.
about the community
  • Primarily age 25–40
  • many have dieted for years
  • many have tried every supplement on the market
  • nearly everyone is looking for a better way to take control of their health
  • Highly motivated to improve their hormone health through nutrition and lifestyle
  • some of the main concerns of this community are PCOS, hypothyroidism, gut health, endometriosis, fatigue, acne, period pain, transitioning off hormonal birth control, and fertility
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feedback from our community

Great podcast !
I love all the information you share! You seem to share way more than other podcasts :) I also love that you are soft spoken your voice is soothing even though you share a lot of information on here, it’s not stressful for me to hear it.
The GOAT of women’s health
I’m so thankful I found this podcast! Amanda is so informative, takes the time to truly go in depth and explain and serve the listener, and make it applicable. If I could only listen to one health podcast, this would be it!
So educational and empowering!
Words cannot describe how much these ladies have positivity impacted my life and overall Health. I’m fortunate to be a client of theirs, and a long time follower on their social media accounts, and still learning so much for each episode! And so many great quote-able nuggets that stick with me! As a fitness coach, I share this podcast with all my clients as well because it improves our weekly check-ins, the information we discuss, relates to what you two talk about often. So thank you
Season 5!
I’ve listen to almost all the episodes over the last year, but I love that season 5 is getting back to the basics! It’s helpful for me and a great resource to share!
I am learning so much!
A wealth of information
This podcast has been absolutely wonderful and so informative, I’ve paid thousands of dollars for an education in alternative health but still find this podcast enriching and engaging! Thank you girls for taking the time to make this information available! I love sharing this with my clients, friends and family. What a blessing!
My favorite podcast
I really didn’t know how nerdy I was until I started listening to my podcast and I don’t care who knows it. It’s so interesting and practically very useful. I feel so much more knowledgeable about my own health now and I love needing out every week when a new episode comes out!
What I have been looking for
A few years ago I was trained in HTMA by someone else and I felt inadequately trained. Since then I have been looking for more information. I finally found it. Love this podcast so much.
Educational but then what?
I am so thankful for the education but I don’t have the money to buy the mineral content to actually apply this information. All the doctors I see refuse to do the testing that is recommended by Amanda. I feel confused and want to get my health back.