How to use food to support your gut health

In this blog post we are digging into what foods you can use to provide support for your gut health.

I divided this up into 5 main categories:
1. Digestion
2. Detoxification
3. Beneficial bacteria
4. Gut lining/integrity
5. Immune system

One important thing to note is that we have to be eating enough in order for us to benefit from these foods. Under eating and/or skipping meals is a stressor, which can further increase inflammation and impact our immune system and overall gut health. We also need energy to detoxify.

Under eating also leads to a slower metabolism, which impacts our digestion. If you’re struggling with constipation and/or bloating and you’re not eating enough, adding in more bitter foods may not be enough to help.

This is just another reminder that we cannot skip the foundations.

Swipe through below to see what foods can help support the 5 main areas you want to focus on for gut health.

Here are two great podcast episodes to check out from my podcast that go deeper into gut health:

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Amanda Montalvo

Amanda Montalvo is a women's health dietitian who helps women find the root cause of hormone imbalances and regain healthy menstrual cycles.

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