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Copper Toxicity Misconceptions & Solutions

I often talk about the importance of copper concerning hormones, but I’ve been getting frequent questions surrounding copper toxicity over the last couple of years.  Copper toxicity has become a hot topic ever since women have begun responding negatively to the copper IUD.  I understand the concern about excess unavailable copper; however, copper isn’t all […]
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Vitamin A: An Essential Nutrient for Healthy Hormones

Many health experts talk about vitamin D and vitamin B12, but what about vitamin A? Struggling with low energy and low vitamin D levels? Vitamin A is needed to absorb and convert vitamin D in the first place properly. We also need vitamin A for our metabolism to work correctly and to convert thyroid hormone. […]
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Vitamin E: The Real Hormone Balancing Supplement

I receive quite a few requests from supplement companies asking me to collaborate with them.  Before agreeing, I look at their website and research what is in their product.  More often than not, I’m left disappointed.  There is an insane amount of supplements out there that claim to promote hormone balance.  Usually, they are chock […]
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