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Assessing Thyroid Health Prior To Pregnancy

This topic speaks to me since working on my thyroid health has been my main priority when preparing for pregnancy. When I got off the pill over 10 years ago, the biggest area that took a hit was my thyroid. It’s been something I’ve struggled on and off with over the last ten years. You […]
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Do Minerals Affect Fertility?

If you’ve been trying to conceive but haven’t been successful, it can be pretty devastating. There are a number of factors that contribute to infertility issues and difficulty conceiving. One reason could be that you are not ovulating. Another issue could be that you have low levels of progesterone and/or a sluggish thyroid. Many times, […]
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Rethinking Your Prenatal: Essential Nutrients For Pregnancy

There’s a lot of information out there regarding prenatal nutrition. Similar to information regarding hormone health, it’s all conflicting, which leads to confusion. I feel the same about both–women should be educated on how their bodies work and what their nutrient requirements are, and then make the best decision for themselves.  I think one of […]
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