Category: Food Sensitivities

Why Food Sensitivities Are A Symptom Not The Root Problem

Today, we’re focusing on food sensitivities. We’ve all heard of food sensitivity testing and likely seen an ad or two telling us how uncovering your food sensitivities will solve your gut/health issues. The main problem with food sensitivity testing is that it looks at IgG antibodies that are a normal part of our immune system […]
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Are Food Sensitivities Stressing You Out?

Are you struggling with food sensitivities?  Do you find that you are all of a sudden reacting to foods you love and eat all the time?  I am probably going to surprise you with what I say next.  Food sensitivities are a symptom, not your problem.  Reacting to food is not normal.  It is feedback […]
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Nutrition Myth Busters: Hormone Health

Do you consider yourself up-to-date on the latest nutrition trends? Does the searching for nutrition information leave you looking confused? Trust me; you are not alone. With the worldwide web literally at our fingertips, we have access to an overwhelming amount of information. One source says one thing, while another says something completely different. Our […]
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