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Do Minerals Affect Fertility?

If you’ve been trying to conceive but haven’t been successful, it can be pretty devastating. There are a number of factors that contribute to infertility issues and difficulty conceiving. One reason could be that you are not ovulating. Another issue could be that you have low levels of progesterone and/or a sluggish thyroid. Many times, […]
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8 Most Essential Minerals for Women and How they Help

There is often a lot of jargon thrown around when it comes to nutrition. You hear words like ‘minerals’ but no one ever talks about what they are or why they are important. In this article we are going to demystify minerals and what they do. Where are Minerals Absorbed in the Body? Minerals are […]
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Why Does My Thyroid Look Normal But I Have Clear Hypothyroid Symptoms?

Do you google your symptoms and get the answer of hypothyroidism?  You then ask your doctor to test your thyroid, and everything comes back “normal.”  Frustrating right?  How is it possible to have such evident thyroid dysfunction, but have it appear normal on lab work? The answer is that your body is compensating. Our bodies […]
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