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Christina became fascinated with the science of what food did for the human body in her adolescent years. She was so curious about nutrition she read every health and nutrition article, book, magazine she could get her hands on. During some of her own health struggles as a young adult, she started to apply what she had learned and started to heal. After over a decade of practicing as a Registered Dietitian, she has helped hundreds of individuals heal their relationship with food, learn how to nourish their bodies and find balance between life and health. In a world of ever-changing and often overwhelming different views of nutrition information, Christina enjoys breaking things down into an actionable plan for your life because you are unique.

Approach: As a functional medicine trained dietitian, I look at you as a whole person. All body systems are connected. Everything impacts our health and nutrition including; stress, sleep, hydration, movement, hormones, gut health and metabolic health on a cellular level. When you learn why you become empowered to take action. We address your goals and symptoms and create realistic action steps around nutrition and lifestyle habits that help you find a sustainable balance that fits your reality.

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