, MS, RD


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about Ava

I intimately understand the frustration of feeling let down by your own body—my passion for integrative nutrition and wellness stemmed from a need for my own deeper healing when conventional methods weren’t working for me.

Now, after physically, mentally, and spiritually healing many of the health issues I have dealt with and obtaining several degrees and certificates in clinical nutrition from UC Berkeley, NYU, and Cornell University, I am so grateful to have the opportunity to support you on your healing journey.

My loving approach to health considers the complexities and bio-individuality of each human being by blending science with intuition and intention to help you thrive as your healthiest, happiest self.
My mission is to use my extensive educational foundation and personal experiences to help you uncover your greatest potential for true health & well-being—which looks different for all of us. I can’t wait to support you on your path to thriving!

rave reviews

After just 6 weeks, my acid reflux is so much better, and I'm getting my appetite back! I have way more energy to work out and make the changes I've been wanting to make for a while.
After just 2 months of working with Ava, my anxiety has improved significantly! I can handle day-to-day stressors, and my energy and digestion have improved so much!
It's only been a few weeks and I can already tell my gut is healing and my histamine symptoms have decreased so much!
I started working with Ava 2 months and my rosacea and acne has already started improving! It was so eye-opening to see what was really happening in my body, especially my gut, and how much that was impacting my skin. My periods have also started to get better (no more cramps or breast tenderness!)
Ava has helped me so much! My eczema is gotten so much better! I can't remember the last time my skin looked this clear, and my energy is solid (I've actually felt like working out!).