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Purchase a lab results review, lose the room for confusion and put our experts to the test. We’ll review your lab results, health concerns and history to give you tailored recommendations. Get clarity and confidence on your journey to a healthier, happier you.

What tests do we review?

*Please note, you will need to buy the blood/iodine tests separately from the Master your Minerals course.
$ 350
HTMA is a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis. HTMA tests are not included, but can be purchased through the course.
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GI Map
$ 647
GI Map is a stool test to assess your gut health. The test is included.
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$ 250
Test not included, but can be purchased through the course.
Currently unavailable
Currently unavailable
Comprehensive results review
$ 600
Includes up to 4 lab reviews.
Test not included, but can be purchased through the course.
Labs can include:
  • HTMA
  • GI Map
  • Blood/Iodine

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Deeper than the data

You’ll get the expert eyes of our founder Amanda and Clinical Nutritionists on your test results. Together, we’ll review your history, symptoms, food journal and results, looking at your health as a whole. You’ll get a 35-45 minute video from us talking you through your results, what they mean and their connection to your health concerns. And not only that, but we’ll even build you a plan with tailored recommendations to help you on your way to wellness.

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