1. Once you purchase, you will be emailed an intake form.
  2. After you have completed the intake form, and we have your hair test results, we will use your intake form information—as well as your main health concerns and symptoms—to interpret your results and create your healing protocol.
  3. A practitioner on our team will record a screen share video walking you through your lab test results, what they mean, and how this related back to your main concerns.
  4. To finish off the video, the practitioner will walk you through our recommendations for your healing protocol, how to purchase supplements or recommended products, and where to go from here.
  5. We will email you your video, Report of Findings, and protocol.

*If you have not yet completed your hair test or have not gotten your results back, we will complete this review once we receive your results. If you already have your results, we just need your intake forms.