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s6 e03: Amaia’s Birth Story

Amaia’s Birth Story In this episode, I am sharing my second daughter, Amaia’s birth story. I will also be answering questions this community submitted on IG! This is my birth experience and I will say, I had a beautiful birth at home, it could not have gone better. My first birth was very painful, I […]
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s6 e02: My Career Path

My Career Path In this episode, I am sharing my career’s journey from traditional dietetics to specializing in women’s health, as well as how my own health challenges sparked a passion for holistic approaches. I discuss how I am choosing to balance life as an entrepreneur, mother, and my social media presence, along with my […]
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s6 e01: Our Healing Framework

Our Healing Framework In this episode, I am going to break down our 1:1 healing framework and dig into what we think are the most important areas to focus on when healing and what we specifically do with our 1:1 clients.  As always, this episode is for informational purposes only. I am a dietitian but […]
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