Category: Nervous System

The Importance of a Healthy Nervous System For Healing

You’re going along on your healing journey–eating nourishing foods, fueling your body fully, and prioritizing YOU. You’re feeling pretty good, but something is still off. This is often unique to the individual and is something from their past. A common one I see is anxious thoughts and worrying about things coming up again. An example […]
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How Do Minerals Affect Your Mood?

Wondering if minerals can help your mental health and mood? Minerals play an important role in keeping the systems of our body healthy and functioning at their best. This includes the nervous system and the endocrine system, both of which play a big role in how we think, feel and our mental well-being. The negative […]
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Endometriosis, Gut Health & Immune System

Diseases like diabetes get over $1 billion a year in funding, while endometriosis costs just as much to manage, but we have an underwhelming amount of scientific research. That doesn’t even account for the long term cost, which needs to be studied further as a chronic condition. Currently, 11% of women have endometriosis; more diagnoses […]
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