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Vitamin A: An Essential Nutrient for Healthy Hormones

Many health experts talk about vitamin D and vitamin B12, but what about vitamin A? Struggling with low energy and low vitamin D levels? Vitamin A is needed to absorb and convert vitamin D in the first place properly. We also need vitamin A for our metabolism to work correctly and to convert thyroid hormone. […]
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Why Low Ferritin Doesn’t Mean Low Iron

To further the iron discussion from my previous blog, I want to discuss low ferritin and what it means.  I’ve had many clients come to me with concerns of low ferritin levels that, no matter what, they can’t seem to increase. With everything I was taught in school, I wondered why increasing iron intake wasn’t […]
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Why Your Iron Deficiency Isn’t Just An Iron Issue

Like most things with the human body, an iron deficiency is more complicated than meets the eye. If your iron is low, we have to look deeper than just iron levels. Minerals work synergistically in the body, meaning they all impact each other–some more than others. I have a mineral series on my blog that […]
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