5 tips to support balanced blood sugar

Here are 5 tips to support balanced blood sugar and a breakdown of what happens in our bodies when we eat carbohydrates scroll through the images below to see.

There are some general recommendations that work for most people when it comes to supporting blood sugar balance. For example, my first tip for balancing blood sugar is balancing your meals with protein, fat, and carbs and eating animal protein foods first (or at least partially).

Why does this help support our blood sugar? Protein breaks down slower than carbohydrates. This is why balancing your meals helps support stable blood sugar levels. We can take it a step further by eating at least some of the protein food first. This will lead to a smaller blood sugar rise post meal, which helps avoid drops in blood sugar as well. Stable blood sugar = stable energy and less stress on the body.

As you scroll to tips 2, 3, and 4 you will notice that this is where experimentation is key. Tip 2 is to experiment with the amount of protein and carbs at your meals. I am often asked what the most optimal ratio is for protein and carbs, but this question is impossible to answer without knowing more about someone and their health history and how they are currently eating. Reflecting on your hunger, energy, digestion, and mood before and after meals is a helpful way of finding the right amount for you.

In tips 3 and 4, I recommend experimenting with different types of proteins and carbs. I think this is especially important for carbs. Scroll to learn more about why!

We wrap up with tip 5, which is all about consistency and eating enough. If you are skipping meals or under eating, it will be hard to gauge what is and it not working for blood sugar balance.

Want to learn more about balancing your blood sugars? Listen to the supporting blood sugar balance episode I did with Jillian Greaves, RD on the Are You Menstrual? Podcast.

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Amanda Montalvo

Amanda Montalvo is a women's health dietitian who helps women find the root cause of hormone imbalances and regain healthy menstrual cycles.

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